SOLE Stepz® engages youth grades k- 12th in schools in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area, Baltimore City and County, Arlington, Virginia and five counties in Maryland. Teachers from participating schools describe SOLE Stepz® as “an engaging experience that allows students to be artistically challenged through an innovative expression of dance.” In that way we are committed to inspiring our community through movement.

Reaching over 5,000 students, our arts based program brings percussive dance into community schools with interactive in-school assemblies, workshops, and residencies. Its positive form of self-expression is the foundation of the SOLE Stepz® Arts Education Program promoting creativity and self-expression, collaboration and teamwork.

We believe arts education has the ability to reinforce the academic experience and enhance learning. In addition to teaching the movements and history of percussive dance, SOLE Stepz® has designed two arts integrated programs using tap and step principles as well as the concepts of beat, tempo and rhythm demonstrating how kinesthetic activity enhances literacy and mathematics creating a physical and personal connections to extend the learning experience.

We believe it’s vital to the development of young people.

SOLE Defined provides in school programing connecting Stepping with Math and Tap Dance with Literacy, Art for Art sake performances teaching our 5 elements of percussive dance, and residencies that build multi-disciplinary work that empowers young people while created space for transparent conversation to enhance social and emotional growth.

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